If you are a man OR identify as being a man, you are welcomed to be apart of a movement of men courageously stepping up to reassess who they are and what it means to be a man in today’s world. Utilising the practices of mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, body movement and other alternative processes, we will push the boundaries of your comfort zone and actively confront the limiting behaviours and beliefs that has kept us men playing small. We explore the depths of real masculinity and the power that resides there. We work towards the EMPOWERED man, leaders in their capacity to hold both strengths and weaknesses with empathy whilst wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Men who courageously embraces vulnerability as a strength - not a weakness, willing to express the most whole and authentic version of themselves.

The Empowered Men’s gathering is a powerful and safe space where each man supports and is supported through the wild unknown, breaking through the masks we so often wear as men. The gathering is an opportunity to release what no longer serves you, to drop the bravado and be seen as the most real version of you, in a space where you are fully accepted for who you are. It is an opportunity to learn how to process what is happening in your life in a healthy and positive manner. It is an opportunity to explore deeper aspects of your relationships with your partners, friends and most importantly with yourself.

It takes courage to break the mould, to break free from the need to uphold unfulfilling expectations. But each time we do we gain strength, strength in our ability to honour who we are as a human. And each time we say yes to life, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. In this growth of awareness, we explore a new understanding of life and humanity in ourselves -- This is EMPOWERMENT!

Let's journey together Brothers!

We meet at the Hobart Breathing Space. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. All other comforts are provided.