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You are welcomed to be apart of a sacred brotherhood of men courageously stepping up to reassess who they are and what it means to be a man in today’s world. Utilising the practices of mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, body movement and other alternative exercises, we will push the boundaries of your comfort zone, actively confront limiting behaviours and beliefs that keep you playing small. We will explore the depths of real masculinity and the power that resides there. We work towards the EMPOWERED man, leaders in their capacity to hold both strengths and weaknesses with empathy whilst wearing their hearts on their sleeves. One who courageously embraces vulnerability as a strength - not a weakness, willing to bare chest as the most whole and authentic version of themselves. We collectively create a powerful space where each man supports and is supported through the wild unknown, breaking through the masks we so often wear as men. This is an opportunity to release what no longer serves you, to drop the bravado and be seen as the most real version of you, in a space where you are fully accepted for who you are. It takes courage to break the mould, to break free from the need to uphold unfulfilling expectations. But each time we do we gain strength, strength in our ability to honour who we are. And each time we say yes to life, we unconsciously give permission for others to do the same. In this growth of awareness, we explore a new understanding of life and humanity in ourselves -- This is EMPOWERMENT!

Let's journey together brothers!

We meet monthly at the Hobart Breathing Space. Participants are to wear comfortable clothing, all other comforts are provided.






As men, we have long misunderstood and abused our masculine power. We have such strength both physically and emotionally and we love to flaunt it. However, in our flaunting, we embody only a fraction of our potential, limiting our existence and embodying the shadow of the enormity of our potential.

Today, more than ever, the extent to which men have failed to understand our potential is staggering. Based on the findings from the ABS and Beyond Blue, the suicide rate for men is 3 times that of women. The greatest number of school dropouts in Australia and the world is young men. In 2018, 92% of inmates in the Australian jail system are male, the rates of which males are victims of physical abuse is 3 times higher than that of females. Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues in the world, with 3 million people suffering from from either one or both of these in Australia. Women are statistically proving to be the greatest affected, but men are the most likely not to seek help - often leading to the above results. These stats just scratch the surface, but importantly, these stats are the end results of already long inhibited behaviours.

The behaviours men have inhibited to foster such results are are not just recent adoptions. Men have been operating this way for hundreds of years - upholding expectations of what the world thinks a man needs to be. Often reluctant to express anything else for fear of being seen as being weak. Often then policing other men to do the same to ensure the status quo isn’t rocked.

It comes to no surprise why either, as young boys we are constantly told to toughen up and be a man. That to show emotions is to be weak and to cry is to be even worse — that you’re a pussy. The world portrays images of how men need to be in today’s world and to be anything other than a buff, handsome, successful & charismatic guy who is also good with the ladies is a short fall. We learn to see what a beautiful woman is, with a her big boobs, long legs and a willingness to show some skin, and that the appropriate way to treat her is with a sly woof whistle and butt grab. Just look at the fairy tales and cartoons we see as children, and the movies and TV shows we see as adults — all depicting the qualities of what the perfect male or female is. This isn’t just a male issue, this is an issue for both genders on a global scale. We spend a majority of our lives striving to be something that we are not, upholding unrealistic expectations and as a result become so out of touch with what makes us — US. It is easy to see why the statistics are the way they are when we are a globally disconnected population looking for meaning and validation outside of ourselves.

One of the greatest contributors to this epidemic is the overwhelming belief that We . Are . Not . Enough! It’s a hugely crippling belief holding countless captive. We’ll do anything to escape the pain of not having this met. So, we continually seek external gratifications like love and acceptance through the validation from others. Hopeful that it will fill the seemingly endless deficits in ourselves — all whilst wearing a mask that says to the world that we’ve got our shit sorted.


To shift these long ingrained and well practiced behaviours requires the courage to look inwards and reassess our beliefs of ourselves and the world around us. To lean in to the fear, relinquishing what no longer serves us and embracing the life we most desire. There is no end game, no finish line to this work. It’s a journey, a way of life, a continual process of choosing how we want to show up in the world rather than taking a back seat and playing victim to it. It’s not easy, by any means, it takes work, messy . hard . work! It requires us to be vulnerable, to be real, to be courageous, to be fully engaged. To express exactly how we feel, even in the face of fear of being ridiculed. But, the results put us in the driver seat, we become the master navigator. We say ‘Fuck it!’- and embrace it all. Stepping out of the cushy hiding places of our comfort zones, we stand in the open with our arms stretched wide and we come to the world as a WHOLE human fully embracing all that makes us — US! This is where true fulfillment lies.




 If you are interested in attending one of the Empowered Men’s Experiences, follow the link below. Alternatively, if you would like to get in contact with Jake, follow the link below.