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Jake William (Snepvangers) is a mentor and facilitator of personal growth experiences.

Jake creates experiences that provide an opportunity for people to explore who they are and what they want to bring to the world. He encourages people to be fully real, to cut through the false stories and to let go of the self imposed pressures of meeting unfulfilling expectations. To step up and take responsibility for the creation of their lives.

The ultimate outcome for Jake’s experiences is for people to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives, experiencing all aspects of what life can offer. To develop an understanding of what the true nature of personal empowerment is. That is, to come to the world as a whole human, fully accepting of what life has been, and courageously embodying all that can be.

With Jake as your guide, you will explore the vastness of your potential. It may be challenging as you reassess old habits and beliefs, but your courage will be rewarded ten fold in the developing of the tools necessary to create what you actually want in your life, whilst also generating the confidence to let go of what you don’t.

Take a deep breath, lean in and embrace everything you have to offer — you have everything to gain!