Joseph campbell would call the feeling that you get when you wonder if there is more to life, the calling of your soul. The moment when destiny summons the hero and the hero’s journey begins.

Most of us hear this call, somewhere in between reminiscing about the past and dreaming about the future, all the while whilst looking at those around us that seem to have their lives sorted and are successful lives. However, very few rise to the challenge of the hero’s journey, often taking the seemingly easier path and choosing to live a sub par life. There’s not to say that much happiness, joy and success can’t be experienced on this path. But the path of the hero’s journey is one that bares the fruit of meaningful fulfilment and the knowing that your life has contributed to something far greater than yourself. It is also the path that bares the greatest challenges and the ultimate test — will you do what it takes to reveal your authentic self — the unmasked self, with no false stories, and live it to its fullest capacity? Or will you take the back seat, put the mask on and allow your fear of judgement and the belief that your not good enough to consume you?