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Jake William (Snepvangers) is a coach, consultant, creator and facilitator of personal growth experiences. Jake works extensively on creating experiences for people to explore who they are and what they want to bring to the world.

After a decade of working in the service industry, working heavily on creating positive cultures in work places, Jake is now focused on creating opportunities for people to live more meaningful & fulfilling lives.

Jake believes the most important point of investment necessary for global positive change is for one to better understand oneself. This is the true nature of empowerment — to come to the world as a whole human, fully accepting of what life has been up to the present moment, having the courage to fully embody all that you can be and embracing the fear the comes with the call to rise. 




"Jake facilitates a unique group experience centred around sharing, listening, breath-work, and rites of passage. He has an ability to unite a diverse group of men together in a safe and experiential environment by acknowledging each man for who they are and the gifts they bring. We are each encouraged to show up as our authentic selves and lead from a place of vulnerability."

- Hayward, 31


"I initially reached out to Jake whilst I was struggling to navigate a very specific problem in my life. The help I ended up receiving extended far beyond that one challenging situation. With Jakes support I was able to realise and understand the importance of structure, boundaries and personal accountability. The experience has given me the power to continue moving and improving through life in the most positive way possible."

- Tristan, 28


“I find the group work challenging and intimidating and I’m keen to continue. Fear of the shadows has held me back from so many things. Looking forward to looking forward without fear.”

- Greg, 58